Robyn Rees


Robyn ReesI am a Registered Dietitian with private practices in Parktown North Johannesburg and Braamfontein. I have a BSc biological sciences from WITS (2000) and Post graduate medical honours in Nutrition and Dietetics from UCT (2002).

I opened my private practice in 2006 working in the areas of chronic diseases of lifestyle, insulin resistance, irritable bowel syndrome, corporate wellness, and took an interest in women’s health with a special interest in endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

One of the biggest challenges I encounter from people when I meet them is changing their mind-set from that dieting mode which includes deprivation, starvation and a strict all or nothing approach, to a healthy balanced way of eating where most foods can be included in moderation, and feeling energised and satisfied are the best indications of a successful transition.

I bring my passion for nutrition to the public through nutrition talks and workshops, on-site individual consultations, executive nutrition assessments as part of executive medicals, wellness days, cooking demos, Vitality Nutrition Assessments, and DNA-based personalised diet and exercise programs, including personalised recommendations for dietary modification and the type and amount of exercise required to lose weight (utilising the DNA Diet genetic screening product).

My goal is to bring quality tailor-made nutritional services to individuals and companies seeking healthier lifestyle choices, chronic disease management, improved energy and performance levels and weight management.