Shaun Barrett


IMG_2052Personal Training and helping people look and feel great about themselves is my passion. I am sensitive to the individuals needs and bringing out their positive side, as physical fitness is positively associated with mental well-being.

I studied at HFPA where I obtained my 2nd year, which includes psychology and life style issues, sports conditioning, assessment and evaluation, nutrition, safety and prevention regarding sports related injuries, exercise modification for special needs. I put all my Knowledge to the test when I was working Abroad as a Personal Trainer on a cruise ship, where I was able to positively change the lives of people I had come into contact with.

My passion in life is my job and endeavouring to give outstanding results with my clients, I believe that Personal Training entails an educational and motivational approach and I’m willing to help anyone achieve their short or long term health and fitness goals. My passion and motivation shines through and affects the people I come into contact with.

I have been recognized as a International Fitness Professional that is keen to apply my fitness and professional skills and knowledge to inspire others.

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